Our company undertakes planning, supply & construction of refrigeration system projects, including turnkey, in accordance with modern demands for quality, health & safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The primary focus is upon the refrigeration handling chain of the food & beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical, while maximizing the utility function of production, refabricating and storage sites.

Our installations include:

  • Cold Storages Freezing/Cooling comprised of:
    • Refrigeration Unit – Condenser – Air Coolers – Pipe Network etc.
    • Heat/Moisture Floor Insulation
    • Floor Heating
    • Chemical Overlaid Floor (Haccp)
    • Bumper Wall Protection (Haccp)
    • Wall panels – Doors – Door Ramps – Ramps – Funnels – Lighting
  • Food processing area air cooling
  • Precooling Systems (Water/Air Cooling)
  • Deep Freezing Systems (IQF-Spiral-Line-Plate-bulk-blast)
  • Ice Production Systems (Flake ice - slurry ice)
  • Cold water & coolant systems Energy
  • Conservation Storage - Ice Bank
  • Environmental control systems
  • Humidifier/Dehumidifier Systems
  • Degreening/Ripening Systems
  • SCADA systems
  • Ozone (O3) systems – Sanitization/Ethylene elimination


Our company undertakes the complete remanufacturing of refrigeration installations.

  • Energy efficiency – adaptation to current legislation
  • Improvement/upgrade of existing refrigeration installation components
  • Modern refrigerants – Replacement & adaptation
  • Cold room renovation using modern materials & applications